Our Story

It started with The Little Red Hen. 
The feeling of working hard for your bread and enjoying the bread all to yourself never really left me. Back then, I deftly chomped down half a loaf of bread upon closing the book. The nostalgia has stuck with me ever since. But now, I have to say that bread is better shared.
My desire is to share our breads with you, so that you and your families can enjoy the same nourishing breads that will help you lead wholesome and healthy lives. Bread is broken and shared at the family table for all occasions. It is a part of our daily lives.
The right choice makes a difference to your everyday well-being. Like the hen, we painstakingly gather the ingredients and mix, shape, and bake our breads over a long time. It's all worth it when you take that first bite into the bread, and the memories of childhood waft in the air together with the scent of a freshly baked loaf. It's a wonderful feeling, and I want to share that with you.